A Chance in a Real Esport?


So Recently, me and my Team has registered to the Scandinavian Porsche Esport Cup, which will be hosted across 5 Races all in different circuits. The Races will be hosted in IRacing and everyone will drive the same car (Porsche 992 Cup Car) and will have the Same setup (High Downforce Sprint) which means it is truly the Skill of the Driver which will make the Performance.

However, I don't want to jump the gun and say that we are actually in. We have only Registered and have yet to get any Further information so until then, I will not say anything more than just that We Registered for the Cup.

We did, However, Build a livery for the 992 Cup car, just incase we do actually enter the Cup, but it is just a Prototype, We may make changes to it.