Aquila meeting!


So, couple of weeks ago, Aquila hosted an annual meeting and we discussed about regular stuff such as the calendar, Driver Academies, who is racing for 2024 (By the way. There is at least 20 drivers!). There are 2 highlights of the meeting that surprised me the most is the Environment section of the PowerPoint. Turns out, that the 120 kg of the 410 kg the car is made off (Yes, it is a skinny boi) is actually reused along with the engine and drivetrain, this is at least 25 percent of the car being reused. Not only that, but everything EXCEPT the fiberglass body can be recycled when the car is scrapped cause everything else is built in steel and aluminium, and it does not stop there. 

Number 2 highlight is the amount of drivers for this season. 20 Drivers! This is excluding the occasional rosters, and we could have more since some of the drivers from last season has not decided on when to continue yet, but we are hoping for the green light. This is a big breakthrough as we also have accumulated more international drivers, we have a racing driver coming in from France so it will be exciting. This is good because it is showing that we are appearing worldwide and that we could potentially have more drivers racing in Aquila, which is again, Good.

Other than that, the meeting was very fun. I got to see everyone again after the Mittsvergiebanan weekend, and the atmosphere was definitely calm and relaxing...UNTIL THE RACING BEGIN

Ok, No more jokes. But seriously, I hope that this season, all drivers will have the closest racing they can and that there will be little to no accidents...hopefully.

From 2024 I will race with start number 8 instead of 88