Gellerasloppet 2024...


The Gellerasloppet 2024 race has been completed and unfortunately, not the best race I had. My driving was a mess and the car was not at it's best...Overall, it was a very fun weekend and track atleast and we got to see many races from Radical Scandinavia to Porsche Carrera Cup so it has been an ok weekend. But now, onto the races.

1. The race was not so great, fighting for P10, I went a little wide fighting Fredrik Lindholm and I turn very sharply that theoretically, made the car spin out. Dropped to P17 but I climbed my way back up to P16 or 15? Im not so sure, but the only thing I know is that its not a great weekend.

2. Worst race ever. I fought very well, climbing to P11 and I was going to follow Alexia Danielsson but the car had lost water throughout the race and unfortunately ran out and the engine started to lose performance while the Safety Car came out for an incident which I don't know of, but due to the slow speed we were going and the fact that we were behind other cars, gave me the illusion that the car will still be okay after the SC. After noticing the power loss though, I gave up and went to a marshal post where the final water temp was 120 degrees Celsius, way above the safety zone. By the time we got back to the pits, my mechanic confirmed the worst. The engine was gone.

My mechanic and the Speedlab team were GODS though, they fixed my engine throughout the night and on the next day, BEFORE THE RACE. So special thanks to the Speedlab racing team and more importantly, my mechanic, Jimmy for fixing my car. You're a legend man!
3. The race was better, however, starting around P12, I spun out again fighting for P10, dropping to last, but luck prevailed and I caught up to P13 after carving through Johan Varland and Matthéo Bordes and passing through an incident between Christan Loven (Thank you and your family for accommodations!!!) and Louise Larsson.
So, yeah, not the best race and I am not partaking the Falkenberg race so I have to make up positions in Ljungbyhed. For driver of the day, in both the Rookie and Junior championship, it has to be Richard Olson. He was fighting like a legend and dominated both sides, stealing 1st from Viktor Karlson and keeping his first unwavering position in Rookie. Amazing job Richard Olson and I'll see you on a race some other day!!! 

Special thanks to these amazing people: The Loven Family for hospitality and food! Jimmy, my Mechanic and being a legend and a motivator for me! And Mittsvergiebanan for their support on this race! ONTO LJUNGBYHED!!!