Yep, You read the title right. This was the WORST WEEKEND OF MY CAREER, IT WAS A MESS, IM TELLIN YA.

Pre-Race: The Practice was so far so good, made some good pace in contention for the mid-field which, was good for a first year in actually racing. Qualifying also ended quite well with P8 which was, to me, more than satisfactory, I thought that maybe I would get P10 or 9th but nothing more, but boy...was I wrong.

1st Race: This race, was a disaster for me and the Aquila bois. So, not even the first lap had been completed and already 2 drivers retire, e and Mattheo Bordes since he hitt my left rear after a pile up in the 2nd to last corner. And actually, this was one of the worst races for Aquila because 5 drivers retired from the race.

2nd Race: Not even this race was better for me! For context, after the collision from the last race, I had suspension damage and crabwalk, this was bad because, Crabwalking = Driving Sideways = More tyre scrub = less grip, and this unfortunately came to play in this race, my car was still crabwalking and when I tried to overtake Louise Larsson then my rears locked from the scrub and I spun...then Louise hit me, THEN MY CRABWALK HAD TO GET WORSE. So I retired from the second race too …

3rd Race: And at least this race, I finished and at P11...which was good because I started P14 and oh boy, MY MECHANICS ARE A LEGEND, they repaired my car to perfection, My steering isn't bent (It was bent, even before the first race) and the car wasn't crabwalking, so all well that ends well...right?

Overall: This is the worst track I raced on. In under 3 days, 3 cars have got radiator being entirely separated from the car, 5 cars have retired from race one, IN UNDER 10 MINUTES.

But, like always...DRIVER OF THE DAY!!!

DOTD Junior: Oscar Mellstig. I mean, seriously, that guy is a legend. Before, when I first raced against him in 2023, He was fighting for a P10, but now this year, he really went above and beyond to now starting to get P5 Quali Results and clean but assertive racing the whole year. He even got a podium in this track. So, this goes to Oscar.
DOTD Rookies: Leonel Skaar. Have I forgot to mention Leonel getting his first podium yet? No? Well HE HAS DONE IT, One of the few rookies who have never drove Aquila and he went all in to get a frickin Podium! What a legend, he was really fighting for positions out there and I got to say...I really want to get back into the fight.