My first race - ever!



The second day was good - and catastrophic. The first race of today I had great battle with Oscar Mellstig where we overtake each other 5 times. However the sixth time I got a little bit to eager and lost my rear, ending up with an 180 spin and a 10 second loss. However I kept my start position to the end.

The second race was a disaster. In the first corner after start me and Oscar had contact which result in a spin for him and a damage front left suspension for me, so at corner 3 it was over. What happened? Well after scrutinised the video I call it a race incident and hope Oscar agree with me. 

This weekend was a great experience for me, actually for all of us in the team and we feel hungry for next race! We will probably not make it to Sturup even if Mattias Skattboe and the Aquila team promised to take me under their wings there as my team can't make it that weekend.

Either way, I will race at Mittsverigebanan 20-23 of July and then together with the Aquila team as my father who normally help me out is busy managing the event together with SMK Sundsvall and others.

See you then if not earlier 



Last days race was exciting, I got P 15 in qualification and in the start of race 1 I lost a couple of tenth as the car in front of me got a slow start and I had to slow down and lost a position. However within 5 laps, and after a good enough slipstream on the start and finish straight I overtake him and recover my position.

At that time one cars had crashed and later another one have to give up due to technical issues  suddenly I was at 13th place. After that I slowly get closer and closer to the guys in 9-12 place I did a misstake as I exit the first corner witch resulted in a spin and I lost 10 sekonds and I end up on P13. After the race all cars i weighed and the minimum weight is 510 kg and I got weighed in on 511,5 kg - lucky ... 

Sadly (but lucky for me) one of my competitors got below the 510 kg limit and got disqualified so tomorrow I start the second race in P12 - and aiming för a top 10. Wish me luck.


Today I'll do my first race ever. At Gelleråsen I will participate in the second round in Aquila Formula 1000. So far we have settled in and done the first 10 minutes test. 

Some problems with the brake balance and the fact that it is a completely new tire brand for us we have to be ok with the result on the 5 laps we got.

We'll be back with further updates during the weekend

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