Stormy 2nd Race of my Life



Although I skipped Sturup because of the Damages made after a Collision between me and Oscar, This doesn't Stop me from continuing to the Next Race at my Home Track of Mittsverigebanan. Before the Weekend Even Started, we managed to have a Whole Day of Practice on our Hands giving Everyone Nearly a Whole Day to Drive the Aquila around the Newest Addition to the Aquila Calander, Mittsvergiebanan. However, Even though this was my Home Track and that I practiced Here ALOT, It still wasn't Enough to beat the More Experienced Drivers, More Specifically, Elias Adestam and Alexia Danielsson. They most Certainly Had the Pace around the Track. Sadly Though, the Practice came with lots of Troubles after the Practice Ended, 15 Minutes before the Session Ended, I lost Focus ON A STRAIGHT and Veered to the Right and onto the Grass, Breaking the Front Right Floor, Fender (IT FLEW OFF), and Part of the Front Bodywork.

Due to this, I was Forced to Retire the Car back into the Pits and leave it to Speedlab Racing Team aka The Team that I was Temporarily Racing with. By "Temporarily", I mean that I would Race with them only for this Race, To join Speedlab is still in discussion. Anyways, The Car was Atleast repaired and Ready to Drive for the Next Day which was again, nearly a whole Day of Practice. It was also the Same Day when the Legend Cars came around to Race. We had the First Half of the Day to Practice then on the Second Half, we would need to share our Time Schedule with Legends, the Difference being that Legend Cars only get 30 Minutes of Practice on their Scheduled Time while me and the Rest of the Aquila Squadron had 1 Hour. 

And a bonus, on the Second half, we Had about 5 Practice Starts, with the First 2 being Quite Ok, but the 3rd, was a Disaster. I was Second on the Gird Slots just behind Elias, but ahead of Dante and Robin (I Think). When the 5 Red lights Flushed, It was a Good Start, Green Flags everywhere which meant that there will not be another Practice start for a while, but a Even Bigger Issue was that coming into Turn 3, I was feeling Pressure, the same Pressure you would get in the Race when being caught up by someone and That caused me to Go of onto the Sand in the Outside of turn 3. This did not Break off The Fender but broke the Floor and the Connectors for the Fender and Floor to Mesh up Together all of it on the Front Left, so More Repairs had to be Made. But the 4th and 5th Practice Starts were coming too close and that Meant we had to work double time to Get the Car Ready, and Thankfully, the Team worked Hard enough to Fix the Car, Just in time for the 4th Practice Start. After All that It was Ok

SSK 4 - Double Header 1

The Weekend was a double Header so this was the First of the Two Races in the Weekend. Practice was Alright made some Good Calculations on what the Quali and Race Pressures should be and I gotta Say, They Worked Like MAGIK. During Qualifying, The Car was literally Burning up, the Engine Reaching Tempatures of 95 or 100 (Celcius), and the Tyres were like on the 70 Temp Range. Although, My Driving was fast enough to retake P7. 

Heat 1 was not Good though, Sure the Start was Fine, but it was what is Coming later that was the Problem. About 8-7 Minutes left, Rain Fell down Real hard with the Track Grip dropping quickly and Standing Water Starting to Form, the Main Problem however, has to come with the Terrain of the Track, Because the Track is Built on a Land which can make Standing Water form on one Area, and even worse could Form a River which means there will be No Proper line but its just to go Slowly. 1 Lap later and Competitor Alexia Danielsson Ran off to the Sand outside of Turn 3 and Lost Many Positions, Dropping to P15, But She Recovered Very Quickly, It did not Take the Superstar Girl long enough to catch up to me, and it was only 3/4 of a Lap Completed, However disaster Struck on the Final Corner, where I went Off-Wide after Alexia Decided to make an Inside Move, which Could've Worked if the Darn Rain Didn't Exist. The Rain Caused Lexi to what I think Understeer into me and Hit my Rear-Right, Spun out and Waited to Drop down to P16. However, It was not a Big Deal and the Good Thing was that there was No Major Damage, and It was a Simple Racing Incident since I played My Part into it, which was turning in to Hard. 

Heat 2 was Slightly better, When the Race Started, there was Some Water Left on Track, and Few of the Drivers opted for their Wet Specs of Tyres (Literally they just had Deeper Treads). But those Sets were not Great at handling Dry Tracks, which Caused me to bump up my Position to P13, which was Good.

Heat 3 Was the Best Race for me but It was slightly Chaotic, The Race Started fine for like Half a Lap, but boy, we never Take a Break on making Racing Accidents, According to the Broadcast, it showed that on the new chicane, Alexia who was starting in the top 6 or 5 got held up by Viktor Karlsson (Whom reported that his Fuel pump was turned off?) and got struck behind by Robin Hafstrom who later Retired due to too much damage. This chao's slowed down many cars at which me and fellow young Racing Driver, Rodrigo Seabra, saw this as an opportunity to gain positions which bumped us up to 9th and 7th respectively, I was closely behind Oscar, who also saw the Slow downs as an oppertunity at which he was up to 8th, even though I was close to him, he quickly adapted to Rodrigo's Driving and pulled away from me. It was a nice Race day with a first Top 10 so it was indeed a great day

SSK 5 - Double Header 2

Not the Best Race...Qualifications was not at its best as I could not set Faster Laptimes due to a Constant Yellow Flag in Turn 2, so it set me down in a P13. Heat 1 was more of a problem because, It was Raining, and we still do not have Wet Versions of the Other Tyres (Basically Deeper Treads), So I spun and Dropped to Last Position.

Heat 2 was Better, Back to P13 as the Track Slowly Dried Up, but not enough to Get the Tyres to the Right Performance.

Heat 3 Although was a Disaster, Because about 33% Through, Drops of Water was Falling, and It Started to Rain, no standing water but I still spun out and Fell to Last, 50% through, and Water was Gushing Down like an average Rain Weather in Thailand (No Offense intended, Mainly for Fun), and It was Starting to Flood at the Fast Chicane, and the Final Corner. And a Lake was Formed at the Last Corner and there was a River Directing towards to the Last Corner from the Pit Straight and the Fast Chicane, at which the Rivers were eating up all the Grip left I had in my Setup of Tyres and Such. And because of that, I spun in the Straight. After that, It was just Cooldown laps for the Rest of the Race

Not the Best of Races (More like a Disaster) but there will be more to come in next year when maybe I can Drive a whole Season, but Its just a maybe