Shake Down at Gelleråsen


Yesterday, there was a Large testing Sessions, mainly for Aquila Formel 1000 (Which I am driving), Legends, Formel Nordic, and 992 Porsche Cup Car. Me and @mittsverigebanan Motorsport Team, went to the testing session with Coaching from @skatteboe14 (Many Thanks). 

We started the 1st Training (We had 6 15mins of Training that day) late due to a suicidal Clutch (IT DISAPPEARED ON ME), and I even spun into the grass on the 1st, 2nd, and 4th session. And the Car and I proved to be capable of battling close with the 3rd and final 2 sessions having me and 2-3 other drivers having a very close and nice battle. Sunday was very nice, with me setting a Personal fastest lap of 1:19.89, and a Personal Slow lap of 1:28:45. 

Thank you @skatteboe14 for the Coaching and, @mittsverigebanan Thank you for this opportunity! Lets keep pushing 200%!