Pete Norbäck

Aquila Formula 1000 Racing Driver

Pete Norbäck

Rookie Aquila F1000 Racing Driver

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Mantorp Varracet
Mantorp Varracet

Hej Alla. Im Pete Norbäck, A rookie racing driver in Aquila F1000 (And Maybe some Endurance). I am currently 14 and I live and work with my dad, mum, brother, and my cat. I have started driving at my Sponsor's Race-Track, Mittsvergiebanan, and I have completed more than 500 laps around the track, which I am extremely glad for. 

I am currently racing in Aquila Formula 1000 officially with my best race at Mantorp Varracet, that was a race that reminded me that I have a-lot of potential to extract from myself and I am not giving up making good places only at Mantorp.

For 2023, I started real racing, with my first weekend being at Gelleråsen, and that was an unforgetable experience. I achieved P15, P13, but eventually retired due to an Incident, but of course, I wasn't done there yet.

I then drove in the ALM Race Weekend at Mittsvergiebanan where I have crashed 2 times but have achieved great positions, hence my quote, "Regardless How many times I've crashed, I always bounce back great!" In the ALM Weekend, it was a double header, I got P15, P13, P9, P13 and then the position just stuck there.

Of course, as always, I'm always aiming for something higher, I am quite a risky and cocky person, and even if I crash, I will still come back strong. We are aiming to make good racing, and history within Aquila, and I will not regret all the past, present, and future experiences.

So as always, stay safe and have fun out on track, cya

By: Pete Norbäck Himself

The Sunset Shining down on the Final Race of SSK 4
The Sunset Shining down on the Final Race of SSK 4

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